The God of small things..!!


I always wonder how excellent nature is in surprising us with every small thing embraced in its arms. Chirp of a bird, the dancing butterflies, the smiling flowers can
give us an enormously peaceful start of the day.
As I sit amidst an area entirely covered with greenery,
I see my friends running here and there completing their
daily chores. I want them to stop and have a look around this beauty, to feel the God in these small things.
A male cuckoo is trying to convince a female cuckoo about something. And there she goes ! Without listening to him, she just turns away. No matter what species you belong to, women are same everywhere. Insects can also be sometimes really amazing. They have this huge strength in them that keeps them going. A small ant climbing up the bark of a tree, searching for food so that when it gets back to his friends, he can yell.. “Yo friends, we’ve got a great meal out there..!!”
What amazes me more is how these little creatures actually communicate so well? When I was young, I used to wonder- eg: A woodpecker trying to make his actions into a tree trunk is stopped by a small Bulbul and questioned: “Why are you so interested in destroying our homes ?” To which the woodpecker just stops. Then, I really wanted to know how can they be so efficient in doing so. But as I grew up , I found out that there can be a Compromise everywhere!!
As the cool breeze flows , I can see the small shrubs standing right in front of me and smiling. It seems as if they are telling me how the sun is a boon to their lives! Its really astounding how can they be so refreshing at times even when they demand nothing but only water and sunlight!
They are so pleasant that even a bird finds its way into them as if it is singing and playing with them.
You can sometimes just sit and wonder, Would life be so much fun without these things around us?
It would be foolish on our part to be unaware of the God in these small things..!!

5 thoughts on “The God of small things..!!

  1. Hi shraddha…! A great attention to detail you’ve got there..! I felt contended that there still are people like you who slow down and admire the beauty around us. Great writing..! Looking forward for more…!


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