The Setting Sun..!!

The setting Sun, the moon peeping out of the clouds give me an indication of the ending day. Though I sit in the same area, with the same plants around me, I can feel the difference in the surroundings. The flying birds tell me that they are returning home and they are done for the day. I can hear a number of birds chirping around, finding their way home. People might wonder, “How can someone write about the same place everytime?”; but what makes the difference in this place is the time of the day. Though I sit amidst  the same place, I get to learn new ways of exploring it with my companions around me. The best part of such places is that, you can just silently sit and observe stuff around you and the things present there are always pleasant and soothing. As I continue writing, my fellow friends (the red ants) find their way to my coffee mug. Everytime I’ve my coffee, they also want to. But anyway, I let them enjoy their coffee for a while. There’s a fight between a Kite and some crows. I think, the Kite is protecting its nest from these crows, who are more interested in ruining it. Whatever it may be, I hope no one is hurt. Its a complete entertainment for me. Wohaa !! Here comes a cute little Mongoose, stands right in front of me and gives me a “get-outta-here-its-our-place” look. With passing time, I can hardly see any birds in the vicinity. All I can hear is their chirps in the background. It seems as if they are telling me to go back to my room and set off for the day. I wish I could understand what they spoke!! No matter what time of the day it is, I can always find ways to explore it everytime I am lost in the charm of the place !!

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