All we need is a Drizzle…


The Sun rises. It sets. Within this span of time, the nature teaches us a million things. From the very first morning dew to the dusk, there is almost everything that we learn from nature. May it be storm, rain, or slow breezes, the nature never misses a chance to share its experiences with us.
With the setting sun, I feel the silence around me. There is a slight storm that has changed the climate completely. I can see the sky changing its shades. The different shades of red. It seems as if it is showering its anger on us, on the Earth. Gradually, there is a drizzle. It is soothing the fairly heated area. The smell of the mud around is enough to melt your heart. A small temple right in the middle of the hill is so nicely visible. Thanks to the drizzle…!!
With the ending drizzle, everything calms down. The Earth cools down. The clear sky starts darkening, increasing the silence at a higher rate. The temple also disappears soon.
The place I describe here is very close to my heart. My hometown. Every small bird, every small shrub is so close to my heart that it seems as if they are talking to me. They are happy when I come here.
Everytime, I get to learn something new from them. This time also, I did. As the Earth needs a drizzle, so do we. All the anger, ego, jealousy can be easily erased out with only a small drizzle in our life. No matter what, there will always be a drizzle waiting out there for you..!!

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