With its slow pace….


Its a snail. Just a small snail. I saw it near a Tulsi Vrundavan at the temple. I know its just a small creature. But, within a few minutes time it taught me a lesson for lifetime. I tried clicking it from almost all angles but couldn’t get a good one. Finally I tried this angle and I got a picture perfect. I didn’t want to disturb it with the stupid flash, so I caught one with the natural light, the one that came from behind.
Initially, when I went close to it, it went inside. I thought I was disturbing it, so I stood there still. Soon, it popped its head out of its shell and started walking towards its destination. It could  cover a very little distance,  but still it didn’t stop. It had to cross a hundreds of hurdles but that too didn’t stop it from walking. It seemed as if it was telling me that no matter what, keep walking towards your destination.
With its slow pace, it then went away teaching me a small lesson for life…!!!

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